Users having the ability to create groups

(Alex) #1


This is a very important feature request, I’m sure many people would agree; members (not mods/admins) need to have the ability to create public and private groups. This is vital to modern forums, we can see Reddit already having their own version of groups - subreddits. Members can create their own groups with their own topic wall visible only on the group page.

< Greatly appreciated,

(Kris) #2

Reddit allows users to create subreddits (which the creator then becomes a mod of) because those groups are often unrelated communities. Discourse, rather than aggregating separate communities within a single platform, encourages you to create your own community without a central managing body.

Do you have more specific examples of how you’d imagine a Discourse site would benefit from user-created groups and why this is important? “because reddit has it” doesn’t really demonstrate the value of the proposed feature.

(Alex) #3

My social forum is for gaming and tries to cover all aspects of gaming. Users would benefit from being able to create groups because for example if a user wants to meet CSGO skin traders, he can create a group for CSGO skin traders only. They could discuss everything related to skins and trading, as well as direct message each other for trades.

Another example: Fortnite gamers on PS4 can discuss the game and meet/message each other to play on PlayStation.

People can create groups to be with people of their own niche, as the gaming niche is huge. I genuinely would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

So let users create public topics and tag them CSGO, or Fortnite? I am unclear why this needs to be done privately under the cover of darkness, in absolute secrecy.

(Alex) #5

I’m sorry, I’m completely new to Discourse, forgive my misunderstandings.

I feel sometimes people just want to have their own organized group.

(Mittineague) #6

I can understand there being a place for Groups and Categories restricted to groups. What I can’t see is why members need to create them.

I think of forum structure as being an Admin decision and IMHO not even Moderators should have that ability. As long as an Admin is reachable and open to ideas I’m not seeing why members can’t ask for a Group / Category to be created for them.

(Alex) #7

For some forums where there are thousands of members, getting requests to make groups can be overwhelming; that’s a thought.

Also, can a user create categories for a group that they’re in?

(Mittineague) #8

At that point I would think it was time to get a co-admin or three. Not even a Galactic Overlord does everything themselves.

(Alex) #9

You’re right. Would you explain to me how categories work for groups? Thank you :slight_smile:

(Mittineague) #10

When a category is created (or edited) there are “security” settings for which groups can have Create (new topics) - Reply - and See permissions. eg. a typical public category would include the “everyone” group with all three permissions. The Lounge category includes the trust level 3 group with all 3 permissions. TL0, TL1, and TL2 groups can not access the Lounge category.

But many combinations are possible. For example, a category could be set not to “everyone” but to TLO and only registered users could access the category. If there were “cake”, “pie”, and “fruit” groups there could be a “desert” category for all three groups and a “pastry” category for only the cake and pie groups, as well as a fruit category for only that group.


Ha. Love this. :wink:

[When I used to work with Mittineague my job title was Galactic Overlord.]