Users having troubles logging in after migration

I’m really enjoying Discourse since porting my 15 year old UBBthreads forum over. So nice to have a nice mobile-friendly forum! Thanks for the excellent resource.

There seems to be some problems with established users logging in. New users have not reported the issue. Examples:

Hi Andrea!
I can’t access to hairtell with my password. I tried several time with a lot of accuracy but the access stop denied.
I hope you could help.


The new forum won’t accept my password. I find I can only login when I click on the word “email”, then it sends me an email to my email account with a link that when I click it, it sends me to the hairtell forums logged in. It’s inconvenient to have to do that every time though.

I assumed the identities of these users and could not add a new email address. I read something about https transfer protocols possibly being the culprit, but I’m not sure what the issue is.


Are they using very old mobile devices or very old browsers? Discourse is heavily oriented toward modern, up to date browsers. Make sure their browser and device is fully up to date with the latest patches.

We’d need that information plus screenshots or other specifics to proceed any further.

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Are these existing users coming to the forum for the first time? If you have just migrated them then presumably they will have to reset their passwords?

Ask them to click on the “forgot password” link to set a new password for their account - that should work.


Yes. That’s it. The import did not include passwords.

@Jokestress, you might create a pinned topic that says "Welcome to the new forum! If this is your first time here, you need to reset your password by visiting (if someone else is reading this, you’ll want to use the site in question uses a sub-folder install).

Also, some usernames might not be the same (I can’t remember if there were any usernames in your import that were illegal Discourse usernames), so you might encourage people to use their email address rather than their username. BUT sometimes people keep the same password but have changed email addresses and thus have no idea what their email address is. When that’s the case they can create a new account or convince you to change their email address.

edit: I just saw your banner, you could include that password-reset link there.