Users keep replying to notification emails

(Chris Beach) #1

I’m finding my forum users keep replying to notification emails. The problem is that I haven’t set up the reply-by-email feature, so all the replies are coming to me instead of the intended recipient

I think users are being confused because the “from” name on the notification email is the person that wrote the post on the forum. So the person receiving the notification assumes they can reply to that person by replying to the email.

It would help if, when email replying is disabled, the “from” name in notification emails should be the site name, rather than the author of the post.

Have people found any good ways around this issue

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Happens to me too. Very annoying.

Good idea.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

LOL, that’s the way it used to be and people requested we change it.

Reply via email is supported for all our hosted customers out of the box, and I strongly recommend you set it up for your site as well


For those of us who don’t want reply via email (I.E. to reduce mail server costs or increase ad revenue) I think there should be a solution to this.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

The traditional thing to do is set your reply email in site settings to and set up an auto responder there.

(Chris Beach) #6

I’ve taken the time to do this and when it works it’s wonderful. The only problem I’ve seen so far is a delay of one hour between the user replying by mail and the reply appearing in the forum. I have a five-minute poll set up. Have submitted a support request to my mail server provider, Gandi, about this.

Could relate to greylisting as I can see the following in the raw headers of the mail:

X-Policy: Greylisted 300 seconds

(Sebastian) #7

I see your point here, but I am +1 for being able to at least override it.
It takes quite some time to deduce where in the world an email is coming from when the “from” field is just a username.
Furthermore, we have had some feedback from users that are a bit confused. When the username is used as the “from” field, it looks like the user is sending a direct email to whoever receives notifications (for example, about a new topic in a category). We are of course working on the templates, to try to get this message across a little better, but it is pretty essential that the “from” field is the name of the site. Much faster to decode.