Users listed as new/pending after replying to emails-from a different address

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #1

Lately I’m seeing “new” users pending, even though they have replied to emails they receivd because they were Watching a topic.

In the case of say “Susan”

  • I invited Susan to the discourse months ago
  • I configured her title, put her into the right groups,
  • she got an email from the forum
  • she replied to the email
  • her post is there & people can read it
  • she’s waiting as a pending member, with no other details on her profile.

the forum isn’t set up to allow people to request to register, they must be invited.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #2

Update - two things may be leading to this:

searching doesn’t search by “name” so when I searched the active user list for “Susan”, and her username was sblum I didn’t see her in the list, despite her name being properly added as Susan Blum

Then, the reason she’s new has more to do with the fact she replied from an email address other than the one which I approved months ago.

So - I did find the reason she’s new… it’s an email from a new address.

I don’t know why it was accepted vs bounced… I mean, it had a valid reply key, but wasn’t from a known user.

Potential solutions:
support for alternate email addresses?
support for merging users?