Users logged out with iOS

In our forum, when using an iOS device and quitting the browser the user will no longer be logged on to our Discourse forum.

With this forum if we do the same the user stays logged on. I have also noticed I am logged out with Firefox/Windows occasionally with our forum.

Are there some settings we should change to avoid users getting logged out or is it something technically wrong we should look for? Any advice is appreciated.

I think I saw a bug related to this discussed a couple weeks ago. Have you updated your install recently?


It shows we are “up to date” with v2.4.0.beta2 +17

Go to /admin/upgrade and update.

This is a bug on Apple side which was reproduced by them and is on their bug tracker now.

While they work on a fix, we disabled the offline feature in Apple devices.


Thank you.

I see we need to update our Discourse.