Users losing trust level, not seeing information

(Travis) #1

I’ve been having strange issues where users consistently report not being able to post to all the categories they should and not being able to see certain categories that are locked based on trust level.

Upon impersonating those users, it seems they are being treated as new or trust level 0, even when they more than meet the requirements and their flag is clearly set to basic or regular.

In one case, this happened (and is currently happening) to a user who is also a moderator. He can see the Staff (mods/admins only) category but not the Lounge (trust level 2+).

I’ve tried:

  • Cycling their permissions
  • Forcing browser refresh
  • Cycling moderate flags (on the moderator account that was hit)
  • Having the user clear their cache and refresh, etc.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Are you running latest version of Discourse? Are you using our recommended Docker setup? Is sidekiq running?

(Travis) #3

Yes, I’m running under Docker. Yes, sidekiq seems to be running:

root       903  0.0  0.0    168     4 ?        Ss   Apr28   0:00 runsv sidekiq
root       909  0.0  0.0  34600  1264 ?        S    Apr28   0:00 sudo -E -u discourse LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ bundle exec sidekiq
1000      1153  0.2 14.0 1384048 287408 ?      Sl   Apr28  35:01 sidekiq 3.0.0 discourse[0 of 25 busy] 

(Travis) #4

I’m thinking maybe I should just bite the bullet and rebootstrap? This is a digital ocean install, just FYI.

EDIT: Additional question, when doing a rebootstrap, it seems I need to do ./launcher destroy, is that correct? The word destroy scares me, heh. I’d like to add a plugin during this as well (I’ve added it to the yml) and hopefully the rebuild process will fix my other issues.

(Kane York) #5

Do your categories give permission not just to trust_level_2 but also trust_level_3 and trust_level_4? From what I can last remember, a user can only be in one trust level group at a time.
(feeʪ like a bug to me)

(Travis) #6

Yikes! I’m testing that now. I can’t believe I didn’t think to try that. I just assumed it was recursive through the higher levels.

Thanks for the tip @riking!

(Sam Saffron) #7

We really need to get this bug fixed, care to give it a shot?

(Kane York) #8

Sure, I have a 3-line patch ready

*okay maybe not that simple

(Jeff Atwood) #9