Users not receiving emails in mailing list mode

(Jake Hower) #1

I’m using SparkPost.

We have mailing list mode enabled on our forum, I only have 4 people in there right now, and each user has mailing list setup to receive a daily email.

However, I’m the only person receiving emails. No one else is.

Where should I look to fix this up?

My settings

Another users settings

The log showing I’m the only one receiving them. (Users have not logged in for a few days.)

Any ideas?

(Matt Palmer) #2

The “Skipped” tab should show why the other messages weren’t sent.

(Jake Hower) #3

That has nothing at all! It’s as if Discourse doesn’t think they should be receiving emails.

There is nothing in bounced, or rejected either.

(James North) #4

Updating to the latest beta 7 should fix this I believe?

It was solved roughly a week ago.

(Jake Hower) #5


I think I was on v1.7.0.beta7 +33

Looks like there is a newer version from a few hours ago. I’ll update to that and see how it goes…

(James North) #6

Hmm that’s odd - I’m on +15 and it works fine for me, so I don’t think anything done in the last few hours would be the solution.

The exact same errors occurred for me, but were solved about 5 days ago with an update.

On second look - those errors seem to be from a few days ago and you’re showing the ‘skipped’ ones …

Are the emails still not sending today, and can you show us the screenshot of ‘Sent’?

(Jake Hower) #7

Those error messages were related to headers beings sent to SparkPost. It’s a different issue I think, as that was fixed for me a few days ago too.

This one is as if these other members just aren’t supposed to be receiving emails (according to Discourse), however, they should be. It may be a setting I have to switch. I just don’t know where to start as I’ve had a good look already.

I attached the sent log in the original post.

(James North) #8

Have you checked the Sparkpost delivery reports? Are they all ‘accepted’?

(Jake Hower) #9

Yep, the emails Discourse is showing as sent are all accepted. It’s just me getting those emails though.

@codinghorror I saw you amended the post title. To add a little extra context, I think this was happening for Digests too…

I switched the users in the system manually (by impersonating them) to mailing list mode as it wasn’t a default when they signed up.

They didn’t receive any digests before I switched them either. So I’m not positive that it’s isolated to mailing list mode.

(Felix Freiberger) #10

Is Sidekiq healthy? Try visiting /sidekiq while you’re logged on as an admin.

(Jake Hower) #11

Looks ok to me. Is there anything there specifically I should look for?

(Felix Freiberger) #12

That’s looking healthy indeed.

Is there anything useful in /logs?

(Jake Hower) #13

@zogstrip helped troubleshoot this for me.

The issue was that all users were set to TL0 (new users) and I had the “Include posts from new users in summary emails by default. Users can change this in their preferences.” option unchecked.

We could have solved it by checking that or changing the users TL to TL1 or above.

I changed their trust levels and set the default new user TL to TL1.

So it shouldn’t happen again :slight_smile: