Users (sometimes) not able to confirm their emails after sign up

Every while I see gray new users among user list:

it happens this way:

  1. user signs up,
  2. he gets a confirmation email,
  3. he clicks on the email and go to the site,
  4. a message tell him: “welcome to the site, for activating your account click here!”
  5. after the click, he gets this message: “Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?”

after this happens, he can’t proceed:

  • if he tries to login, the page tells him he should activate his account,
  • if he clicks the activation link, it tells him he has already been activated,
  • if he tries to sign up, the page tells him his email is a duplicate!

they have the choice of re-sending the activation email, which is good only for the persistent users.

what should I do to help the rest?

is there anyway after they click the activation link in the email, their account gets activated directly without the need to click another link?

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are they running some odd anti-virus locally? Can you have them try on their smartphone using the cell network to rule out router or local software issues?

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There should be a button there to re-send the activation mail.

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yes, this helps the persistent newbies, such as the one who reports us his problem.

thanks for the suggestion, I will. at least one of them use ubuntu, and I’m sure about anti-virus.

may it be due to use of vpn?