Users with Trust Level 0 can not post links (sometimes?)

According to this FAQ, users who just create accounts should be able to include up to 2 links in their posts.

Ours is a support community, and our topic template encourages users to include a permalink so that we can investigate their questions with more clarity. Some new users (but maybe not all? I can’t tell) report that they can not add links to their posts, as in this example:

Do you have any ideas we can investigate?

It’s possible they are pasting in a ball of text (error logs or something) with a bunch of URLs in it. That’d be my guess.

Out of the box, new users are limited to 2 links per reply. You can modify this in your Admin, Site Settings, as needed.

Just to clarify, in the long term view big error logs and such should probably be posted as external text file attachments. Otherwise the site gets littered with embedded post search junk over time, unfortunately.