Using a tag named "c" (it's not possible)

(Christoph) #1

I have a tag called c that I want to delete but tags/c redirects to 404 so there seems to be no way of deleting it…

Deleting tags in a round-about manner
(Neil Lalonde) #2

I have a tag that has never been used, and I can delete it:

Is there more to the story?

(Christoph) #3

I’m not sure who you’re replying to* (and hence whose story you are referring to) but if it’s me, tags/not-used also gives me the oops page.

*This made sense when this was still part of a larger topic.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Now I’m very confused!

If you don’t have a tag named “not-used”, then yes you will get the oops page. I have one, so I can visit “tags/not-used” and it will allow me to change it and delete it. Did you create a tag named “not-used”?

(Christoph) #5

LOL. Okay, so you have a tag called “not-used” and you can delete it and that is how it’s supposed to be.

Now I have a tag called “c” and I cannot delete it. (I also had some other tags which I was able to delete.) To be more precise, I cannot acess the tag’s page (at tags/c) because it redirects to 404 and since the delete button is on that page, I cannot detele the tag.

And, no, the tag is not used on any topic:

(Neil Lalonde) #6

Oh I see. So command and test are fine, but it’s the “c” that’s the problem. That’s because it conflicts with a route, like /tags/c/category-name/tag-name which intersects a category with a tag.

(Christoph) #7

Oh, I see. So there is no way of getting rid of the tag via the web-ui?

In any case: shouldn’t the creation of such tags be prevented in the first place?

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #8

I would say no. It’s a very rare use case. Creating a tag named « c » and wanting to delete it. Sounds like a lot of special edge case code to handle something almost no one will ever run into.

(Stephen) #9

Is c the only case where this can occur?

(Christoph) #10

Well, yeah, if it’s only this single case, yes. I thought there might be others (see also @Stephen’s question).

No, that’s not relevant here. Even if you don’t want to delete it, the tag page won’t work.

(Stephen) #11

That’s my point - if there’s any chance of a namespace collision then we should have a list of prohibited tag names, even if it’s only validated within the page.

(Mittineague) #12

I don’t know if it would foobar routing, but maybe “u”?

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #13

Technically these could be an issue:


In practice, only c and personal_messages will have the bug discussed here. I still think it has reasonably low chances to happen and we should live with it as the fix is not trivial.

While the initial fix would be as simple as:

  validates :name, presence: true,
                   uniqueness: true,
                   exclusion: { in: %w(c personal_messages) }

We would then have to update the front code to display the correct error in this case. Which is not that easy given that for example when done through /tag_groups we don’t handle correctly a validation error.

To sum it’s not impossible but would require some work, what do you think @neil ?

(Neil Lalonde) #14

Agreed that this is low priority.