Using an existing mysql DB to auth discourse users

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I have an existing Drupal 5 MySQL db that has all passwords stored using MD5 hashing.
Since we now want to move to Discourse, I need a way to auth against this DB.
Basically, the flow I would like to reach is:

  1. User attempts to login to Discourse
  2. User is Redirected to a page where the user and passwd are checked against MySQL DB
  3. Post successful auth stage, user is redirected back to Discourse passing the relevant user params

So, the part I am missing is how my redirect request should look like at phase 2? i.e: what URL should I redirect back to within discourse and what params do I need to pass?

Thanks a lot in advance,

(Robin Ward) #2

Have you looked at our SSO module?

(Jessp01) #3

Thank you, I was actually successful using:

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