Using DFP to show house ads

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:warning: This topic is obsolete. Use the house ads feature of the plugin instead:

We’re getting this question a lot lately. The short answer is no, you can’t use this plugin to render arbitrary html as ads. I’ll try to show how to use Google DFP to serve your own creatives.

From the “New Orders” form, you can create a new advertiser. (There’s probably a better place to do this, but I can’t find it. Any DFP experts please help improve these instructions.) I called it “My House Ads”

In Delivery > Creatives, add a new creative and choose your new House Ads advertiser.

Upload your creative(s). You can use images like this:


Now you can use those creatives in your Ad Units.

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Any plugin that can handle custom ads?
Local image ad banners?

Hi @neil - does this still work since DFP became Google Ad Manager?

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They renamed it Ad Manager, but I don’t see a reason why it would stop working.

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@neil is correct on that

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Thank you @ked. To clarify, are you confirming that it still works?


Yes, it still works.

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I follow up on this because after having installed the ads-plugin, the house ads work out of the box for me:

Was it that it was not available beforehand? Or maybe I misunderstood something?


It’s new:

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I’ve updated the first post and will close this topic.

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