Using discourse and wordpress

(Guillermo Garron) #1


I have a discourse instance up and running. I also have it embbeded in my jekyll blog for comments

I think i can use the same forum to power comments in my wordpress blog. I have created the api installed the plugin and configured in different ways none is fully working.

The post are being created, but comment not showing.

I have put 0 to all values but max comments to show where there is 10.
I have 2015 theme and tried with native comments enabled and disabled.

Is anything I am missing?

Thanks for your time and help.

(Sam Saffron) #2

We are using wordpress plugin in production in quite a few spots.

Are there any particular errors either in the Discourse /logs or on the WordPress side?

(Guillermo Garron) #3

Thanks, it is now working.
For the record:

The problem was on Wordpress I supposed I could leave the boxes with no values and that it would assume some defaults. That was not the case, so filled all boxes and now it is working.

Also you have to enable comments in posts, where you want Discourse showing.