Using Discourse without any email interaction

(damio) #1


Email setup is a pain compared to running Discourse. Is there any way to just run it without any email interactions at all ?


  • Email is hard to setup: In my docker install install, ./launcher mailtest app is working perfectly but not when I sign up
  • Privacy-sensitive website don’t use emails (for example reddit on HN )

How ?

I don’t know if this is an already solved problem, it’s just a question.

EDIT: Consider this solved

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Ok, but how are users going to sign up and log in? Via Google only? So much for that privacy-sensitivity :wink:

Note that for all users, email address is the statement of identity for that user, the unique string that makes one user that particular user and not somebody else. It is required.

(Andrew ) #3

Fully agree with this, and it makes sense for login/signup. And perhaps there are other threads discussing this, and your question seems somewhat rhetorical. But since you asked…

For those who do want to communicate with some semblance of privacy, and granting that this is a complex issue, are there more secure ways to handle the content of notifications so our email providers, or their friends in the surveillance business, don’t have access to all post and private message content?

In that example, there still seems to be no real expectation of privacy because, if I understand it correctly, Facebook still has access to everything unencrypted on their servers. But at least the notifications are obscured from email providers.

Some kind of TNO encryption on private messages, and generic, or encrypted notifications would be cool.