Using smtp free for discourse

(kek) #1

Hi guys,

We are a little community from GTA RP ( and we wan to use discourse for our new forum.

But after 2 days of installation we have trouble (Sorry for my english im french hehe)

We blocked at email verification at the end of setup.

We dont have smtp relai server and we cant buy a pro smtp… We want to use a free smtp like postfix but we have trouble…

We have a ubuntu 17.10 on a VPS.

Someone of us have a nice tutoriel for us ? We search lot of topic speaking about this before posting but we sucks :frowning:

Thx a lot for people helping uys !

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

For a small community mailgun and some other services are free for up to ten thousand messages per month.

Running your own mail server these days is difficult and likely beyond the help you can get here.

You’ll be better off using an LTS Linux like 18.04 or 16.04.