Using spaces in tags?


I would like to use tags primarily, and use the rigid category system as least as possible. However, the obligatory hypen in tags with more than two words is not aesthetical. Is it possible to do tags with whitespaces or will it be possible in the near future?

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There are a couple of places hyphens are used: tag name, URL slug, maybe others. What are you trying to change?

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I am trying to change tag names.


Tags can’t use whitespaces, no. A space is a term separator.


Well, that’s what I suspected. It would be great if it could, though. I

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Have a think for a moment about how much that would break.

Autocompletion of tag and category names could no longer rely on a space indicating a new term. Search queries would have to differentiate between tags with spaces and tags between terms. It’s just not practical


Well, that sounds pretty bad.

It sounds as if there is some indecision in the team regarding the tag/category issue. On the one hand they say they want to stregthen the tag system, on the other hand it is not possible to make the tag system more aesthetic because “it would break a lot of things”. Kind of conradictory.

I can’t see any mention of spaces in that post, are you conflating one with the other, or suggesting that the tag system can’t be improved without it?

I am surprised to see here some hardcore defense of the hypen in tags. I think it’s pretty safe to say that an improvement in aesthetics (the removal of the hypens) is an improvement of the system itself, for the user. I can understand that it could be difficult to implement, however I also feel some weird fanaticism to mantain the status quo on the whitespaces issue.

Can you point us to other systems where tags support spaces and in-line autocompletion is offered?

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I might be mistaken but I believe xenforo allows whitespaces in tags.

That does indeed appear to be the case although as a result it is a little confusing?:

What visually, instantly, allows the reader to distinguish each discrete tag? You can only be sure by clicking them; not such a great implementation?

(Though there may be some basic CSS hacks that would quickly improve that)

That’s no dealbreaker imo. That could be fixed by adding some separator (like the litle squares or colors of discourse), or some highligting or backgroud color of the whole phrase.

BTW, ir looks worse in that “word cloud”. In the posts themselves teach tag is in its own box.

Any of these solutions are better than adding hypens that make no grammatical sense, imho.

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This will not be happening. If that’s a problem for you, I suggest you choose some other free open source solution.

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The good ole “if you don’t like it you can gtfo”.

To be honest I am surprised why is people here so invested in something like the hypens of the tags. It doesn’t make grammatical sense, and it is not aesthetical. To be honest discourse is awesome, but if I could choose I would choose the aesthetics of Flarum. Too bad it didn’t even get past the installation screen when I tried…

Discourse has this nerdish feel to it, too many information. That box at the footer of the OP with a lot of info, like how many users posted, how many likes, and a lot of extra information, never made sense to me as a reader. In my view that could be improved, but it seems as if there is some hardcore defense of the status quo on here. Discourse as a machine seems to be awesome, but aestetically not that great. But people here doesn’t seem to want to hear that, so now I’m gtfo.

I just prefer to be honest with people. I could lie to you and say “we’re considering it” … but that would be dishonest.