Using trust level 2 to prevent people from viewing anything except rules and info

Hi there,

On our forum we like to hide everything accept welcom/introduce posts and the forum rules and info section. UNTILL members do a welcome post…

So what I did was change rights to all categories to view from lvl2 and up.
As soon as you register you get lvl_1

Then the idea is as soon as you make 1 post you go to lvl_2 and you can see everything…

Problem is, whatever I try, only the “time spent reading” is counted for and you go to lvl_2 automatic without posting a single topic… I tried everything by now and am desperate for help!

Settings pic:

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The setting tl2 requires topics entered only deals with How many topics a user must enter before promotion to trust level 2, i.e., click on the topic title and enter it to read. It doesn’t mean entering in the sense of actually typing it.

I guess the closest you can get is tl2 requires topic reply count. Not sure if posting a topic counts as reply.


I was already thinking exactly what you just suggested so I did another test with topic reply count. I have had set it to 1 and still after x minutes my test account went to LVL_2 so it didn’t work

Is this a new community? If so only your first 50 users will register as TL1, beyond that new users will be TL0.

With the above that means they’re going to need to move up two trust levels to be able to participate.

Yes it is a new community. But the TL0 to TL1 is not the issue. The issue is with a bug in the system which allows TL1 to TL2 without completing the demands (f/e writing a single topic or answer 1)

I hope this bug in the forum system can be fixed!

Sure, I’m just pointing out that when you hit 50 users the above approach won’t work, because your TL1->TL2 approach won’t apply until users move from TL0->TL1. You will need to override the default trust level for new users and lose out on some of the functionality of Trust Levels in the process. You only get four trust levels with automated promotion.

There aren’t any trust level settings I’m aware of to require a certain number of topics created, you’re going to need a different approach here.

Yes done that already… all settings to 0 so users immediately promote to TL_1.

Perhaps there aren’t any for making a new topic, the reply function to at least 1 topic is enough for us, unfortunately it isn’t working so I’m trying to figure out with you guys how we can fix it.

So in short. Setting to promote to TL_2 is to reply to at least 1 topic. But without doing that users are still promoted to TL_2.

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We are talking about version v2.2.0.beta4 +75.

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Thanks Norbert. Perhaps that helps

Do you you know if the required reply count is including posts that were made in messages / posts that were deleted? If you go to admin/users/{id}/{username} is the Posts Created value less than your TL2 setting?

Good you double check, but yes of course we have checked that. In fact we have opened around 5 test accounts ourself and have did nothing but log-in, open 3-4 topics and waited. Tadaa after 5 minutes or something we are lvl_2

I’m not sure you have this set up right. You’re misunderstanding what many of the settings mean.

I’m also not entirely sure zeroes are supported in these settings, either, so you are in wildly uncharted territory here…