UTF-8 URL Support ტესტი

(Giorgi) #1

UTF URL - s get cut off for utf text, would be nice to have possibility edit permalinks for seo purpose.

(Daniel Watkins) #2

As per this SO question, Unicode characters are illegal in URLs, so would have to be percent-encoded, which makes for a very ugly URL.

(Giorgi) #3

yep, but local wikipedias are using it. The thing is, utf users are going to publish titles in their own language

(Simon) #4

Todays browsers display them in a human readable way, so you wouldn’t actually see the “ugly” URL. The only way to actually see the percent encoded version of a URL is right-clicking a link, using “copy link address” and pasting it somewhere (I don’t know if this behavior is the same across browsers).

Only allowing ASCII makes URLs which only contain non-ASCII pretty useless. I think simply percent encoding topic titles for URLs will be much simpler and leads to less confusion about why some characters are omitted.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I am not clear, where are you seeing UTF-8 URLs get cut off? And can you provide an example from a local Wikipedia.

(Michael - DiscourseHosting.com) #6

I think he’s talking about the slug for this very topic. The topic name has UTF-8 at the end (after “problem”) but the URL is just UTF-8 URL Support ტესტი without all those curly characters.

To see a UTF-8 URL just to go www.wikipedia.org and hit the Japanese text in the NW of the globe. That will take you to Wikipedia which looks really fancy after you click the link.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I see, that is by design at the moment. But we can revisit in the future.