/var/discourse just vanished

(cat24max) #1

Hey guys,

I was trying to change the hostname of my installation, so I followed this tutorial.
Discourse was installed to the default /var/discourse directory.

After using the “./launcher enter app” command I was switched from /var/discourse to /var/www/discourse and followed the next steps.
Now as that still didn’t fix my broken CSS and pictures, I tried to go back to the /var/discourse folder, but it just isn’t there anymore. How can this happen? I cannot find a file called “app.yml” ANYWHERE on the hard drive.

(Andrew Waugh) #2

./launcher enter app takes you into the docker container that is doing all the magic. /var/discourse is “Above” you. If you type “exit” you will exit from the shell inside the container, and you will be back in /var/discourse

(cat24max) #3

Oh thanks - well that explains everything :smiley:

(cat24max) #4

Still, my site doesn’t work…

https://domain/style.css will not load the CSS file but just throw a Discourse 404, hence destroying the style…

(Andrew Waugh) #5

Are you using admin/customize/themes to get to and edit your .css?

(cat24max) #6

I did to add Piwik to it…

(Andrew Waugh) #7

I’m not following you w.r.t. piwik.

.css et al are not my forte, so I’ll let someone else jump in and help.

(cat24max) #8

(Andrew Waugh) #9


I had something similar to this a while back. The '80s style page was because of a bad plugin. Perhaps your problem isn’t .css at all.

What plugins do you have installed? (They’re listed in app.yml, near the bottom)

(cat24max) #10

No plugins, just a plain install…

(Andrew Waugh) #11

Besser so?

goto your site and add “/safe-mode” at the end, that will help you narrow it down. (given the size of the “26” without safemode, I think your .css is bent, if not broken.

(cat24max) #12

Well, but why would that be? I mean the style.css is not even loading, seems like a rewrite problem…

(Andrew Waugh) #13

Sorry, your question is above my pay grade, but the fact that Search results for ‘style.css’ - Discourse Meta only shows 3 hits, one of them yours makes me think you’re trying to do something in a non standard way.

(Felix Freiberger) #14

This sounds like a potential source of trouble. What did you do, exactly?