vBulletin 4 migration

(Chad Abizeid) #1

Hi folks. Looking to migrate from vBulletin 4 and wanted to know the following.

  1. Any official importer for this?
  2. Any Discourse plugins? Themes?

Important features that I need also:

  • censoring (word filters)
  • WordPress bridge (if a WP user is logged in, automatically logged into Discourse and vice versa)
  • gender based forum access (men cannot access women only forum, vice versa)
  • anti spam controls
  • social account login (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)
  • hashtags (tags) and twitter like mentions “@username


(Khoa Nguyen) #2

I’m new to Discourse but I can answer some of your question.

  1. There is some useful Discourse plugins, Discourse is also ship with some plugins its self. No theme yet.

Features available (that I know):

  • censoring (word filters)
  • WordPress bridge (non-official WordPress SSO Page Template)
  • anti spam controls (there is also a Askimet plugin for this)
  • social account login (FB, Twitter, Google are out of box support)
  • twitter like mentions “@username

(Chad Abizeid) #3

Cool thanks @thangngoc89

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

I edited my post above.
Please take a look @Chadi

(Chad Abizeid) #5

Great thanks. Hopefully there’s one for gender based access too. This one is very important.

(Chad Abizeid) #6

I noticed no instant email notifications even though by default creating a new topic sets you to “watching”. Not in my spam folders/filters either.

(Khoa Nguyen) #7

It’s not immedially. There is a summary email every day.

(Chad Abizeid) #8

Hmmm…is there an option for immediate notification? It’s more efficient that way.

Update: I’m guessing “regular” is that option.

(Khoa Nguyen) #9

There is an option, take a look here

(Kane York) #10

These are all built-in by default. The Askimet plugin is a little overkill for most people.

You can do this with using the SSO system if everybody has a wordpress account.

They’re delayed by 10 minutes and will be canceled if you visit the site.