Vertical (not horizontal) subcategory list on categories page

(Tobias Eigen) #1

The discourse update I did last week changed the subcategory list to a vertical list, which I then pointed out to all members as an improvement. People were excited about it.

Then the update today reversed that change and now they’re on a horizontal list again.

Is there a simple css change to bring this back? I’d be grateful for a code snippet.


(NomNuggetNom ) #2
 display: block;

(Tobias Eigen) #3

thanks! that works, but somehow makes this other change (to change the icon on locked categories) not work anymore. Any idea why that could be? Sorry, I’m not a css guru.

.badge-category i.fa.fa-lock:before { content: "\f070"; }
.category i.fa.fa-lock:before { content: '\f070'; }

(NomNuggetNom ) #4

Try this:

.subcategories .badge-wrapper
     display: block;