Video call integration/plugin?

Maybe. Coincidentally I was talking about Jitsi to Pavilion team on our chat earlier. It does look good.
I will investigate. It would be pretty damn handy for a few of my Discourses.


Combined with the events plugin, polls, and date/time and you have full international videoconferencing functionality. Cool.


Thank you @pmusaraj this seems to be just what I had in mind! We will try it out for our team over the next week or two.

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Amazing work. Now I can allow GSoC students/mentors to have videoconferences and keep with our “all comms must be public” rule!


Hi - just tested this. A great idea! A few issues encountered however:

  • Only I can see the placed video link in any post I create. Other users see rest of message, but not that link. Other users also cannot place Jitsi links of their own (the video icon is not shown in post editing controls). A possible cause might be I accidentally installed this theme component twice? The first time I did not apply it to current theme. The second time I did. Could this explain why other users not see embedded link? How can I uninstall an installed component? (and why is a double install even possible?)

    **** Edit - yes, the double install seems to have been the culprit. Got things working by ensuring the first installed version had no associated themes, which moved it into the ‘deactivated’ list (would still like a way to uninstall it though). I also toggled the second install to remove then add back in all themes it would associate to.*

  • A user trying to connect from home who works through his office VPN could not connect - apparently got an error message along the lines of ‘you need to use your own internet connection’ (I don’t have error details). I realize this is a Jitsi issue rather than a plugin issue - but what is a possible solution for VPN users?

  • I could not see any way to edit the displayed name or appearance of the embedded link - is this doable? Would be great if button could have a name descriptive of the purpose of the video meeting, to distinguish it from any others.

Especially if emailed Outlook/Google/iCal etc calendar invites could go to users who opt in to join video session on specific date

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We are halfway there with the Events plugin in that regard; they can insert it into their calendar themselves. I’d better go install the amazing custom wizard that @angus has crafted for us before pestering him about that though…

Yes, this is a Jitsi issue. The theme component defaults to using the free Jitsi server at, but you can also roll your own server (see the Jitsi Meet quick install guide) and use that (see the theme component’s settings).

You can edit the generic name in the theme component’s translations. At the moment, you can’t add a name per button, although that would be a fairly easy feature to add. It makes sense to me, I will update the component and add that option.

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Even more amazing would be a way to select button style and colour, or even use a user submitted image as an icon - is this possible? Or does that fit into ‘give them an inch and they want to take a mile’ category?

It sure does :slight_smile:

Styling shouldn’t be part of this component, though. You can use SCSS to change button style and colour. You can target this button using the button.launch-jitsi selector.

The component can add an icon as part of the button that you can override in the theme settings, that is doable.


Cool - some ‘getting up to speed with scss’ homework for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone figured out how to add multiple Jitsi instances? I’d like to add a custom jitsi instance in addition to meet.jit.* as a fallback

The component does not support this. You can only set one Jitsi backend.

The component does not support this. You can only set one Jitsi backend.

Hmm, would it be possible to add it as a second component?

It’s possible, you could probably clone the component, and enable both. But you’ll need to rename the hook for discourse-jitsi in a few places inside the repository and then add separate buttons for each.

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I like it. Would be nice with a secondary icon.

Or, perhaps there is a way to add a dropdown menu for selecting a video conference on Jitsi instance A or B, with Instance A being the default

Could you explain why the fallback is necessary?

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Could you explain why the fallback is necessary?

Sure. We are setting up our own jitsi instance, but some users are already comfortable launching their own quick calls on meet.jit.s* so I’d like to leave that option easily open for those who are used to that. Or, it might be that an instance goes down and I still want users to be able to place a videocall from within Discourse. :slight_smile:

Has jitsi meet gone down at all? Once you self-host what is the difference?

I ask as we have two jitsi instances operating and the only reason to fallback is the SIP integration.