Video call integration/plugin?

It sure does :slight_smile:

Styling shouldn’t be part of this component, though. You can use SCSS to change button style and colour. You can target this button using the button.launch-jitsi selector.

The component can add an icon as part of the button that you can override in the theme settings, that is doable.


Cool - some ‘getting up to speed with scss’ homework for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone figured out how to add multiple Jitsi instances? I’d like to add a custom jitsi instance in addition to meet.jit.* as a fallback

The component does not support this. You can only set one Jitsi backend.

The component does not support this. You can only set one Jitsi backend.

Hmm, would it be possible to add it as a second component?

It’s possible, you could probably clone the component, and enable both. But you’ll need to rename the hook for discourse-jitsi in a few places inside the repository and then add separate buttons for each.


I like it. Would be nice with a secondary icon.

Or, perhaps there is a way to add a dropdown menu for selecting a video conference on Jitsi instance A or B, with Instance A being the default

Could you explain why the fallback is necessary?

Could you explain why the fallback is necessary?

Sure. We are setting up our own jitsi instance, but some users are already comfortable launching their own quick calls on meet.jit.s* so I’d like to leave that option easily open for those who are used to that. Or, it might be that an instance goes down and I still want users to be able to place a videocall from within Discourse. :slight_smile:

Has jitsi meet gone down at all? Once you self-host what is the difference?

I ask as we have two jitsi instances operating and the only reason to fallback is the SIP integration.

One thing you can do right now, as an admin, is if you know that your instance A is down, then you can edit the theme component setting and set it to use instance B. Then when instance A is back, you can switch back to it.

That also means that you aren’t sending users to two different instances, unnecessarily.

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Right, but I’d like to allow that setting to be easily flipped without granting additional admin access. :slight_smile:

See Jitsi video conference component for screenshots.

Any further feedback or issues with the component should go in the topic linked above.


(Here is a more appropriate place for discussing Jitsi alternatives.) Sure I can take a look at their API.

Any other video conferencing services that could be useful?

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Seems like the most obvious. It’s open source, widely used in education, and the API both enables the creation of conferences and subsequent access to any recordings.


Their Greenlight frontend is in Ruby:

Greenlight isn’t necessary or widely used in existing deployments. Here’s an example of a plugin for BBB

This has all three of the behaviors which are desirable:

  • creating conferences
  • accessing the optional recording for conferences
  • admin-only deletion of conference recordings

Relevant for discussion: a BigBlueButton plugin for Discourse is now available! Thanks to @pmusaraj!

@hellekin mentioning you just in case you had not seen it yet


Thank you @core, indeed I had missed it. It sounds awesome!


We’ve been using BigBlueButton for our organization as well as giving support to some other communities and it’s really stable and has the best browser support of all videoconferencing solutions I’ve tested. I can’t recommend it enough!

And with the discourse-bbb the integration is just perfect. A click of a button away from joining the conference straight from discourse!