"View older notifications" doesn't show you the same stream

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

So I had an overload of notifications

(I could swear there was a thread about how notifications like these should be merged)
I wanted to see if there were other ones further down the stream, so I opted to “view older notifications”. But all that link does is take me to my activity page, which only shows activity that directly involved me somehow, not including activity I’ve expressed an interest in, i.e. watching/tracking.

In other words, we’re missing a proper Notifications page in the profile.

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(Dave McClure) #2

Here’s the other post you’re thinking of:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

Thanks! I’ll chime in there.

(probus) #4

I don’t think old notifications are so important that you would need that. Wouldn’t the proper response be to show a longer list of notifications, like ‘show more’ does when searching?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

That would also be a perfectly acceptable improvement, yes. The stretched search window does also struggle with scaling sometimes, and I do believe they’re planning to create a proper page for that as well.

It is not unlikely that we’ll all at one point be absent from a forum for several weeks at a time, which could lead to a notifications list so long that it would stretch beyond the page.

(Dave McClure) #6

I tend to agree with @probus on this one - doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that warrants its own page. I think a few things could help though (1 and 2 already covered here):

  1. rolling up notification from the same topic into one link when there are more than one unacknowledged:
    (N) replies “Vew older notifications doesn’t show you the same stream”
    (N) likes “Blah blah blah”
  2. acknowledge all notifications from a topic when you visit that topic
  3. always show unacknowledged notifications first, then acknowledged ones
  4. have show more expand the list as @probus suggested

You can see most of what you’d get notified about on your profile page in different sections (Replies, LIkes Received). But as you point out, there isn’t a place to see a list of topics that you have set to Watching, Tracking or Muted. Having those sections could be potentially useful but I’m not sure they are really necessary…

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(Jeff Atwood) #7

We do roll up notifications for PMs now, that’s something @sam worked on last week as it was much more urgent and problematic and common for PMs.

But we do (less commonly) have the same issue for regular topics, too, we simply need to extend that to regular topics as well. There’s no reason, in the screenshot you showed, it shouldn’t just say

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(Adam Capriola) #8

I feel like there is a need for some sort of notifications page. The functionality is weird right now, in that you are taken to your activity page by clicking the “view older notifications …” link, which at least for me is unexpected considering I was looking for a continuation of the notifications list. I hit the activity page and am not sure what I’m looking at.

If I can visit a page with unread PMs, then there should probably be something for unread (unacknowledged) other notification types.

I like that setup for messages. It’s simple. The Activity stack seems a little jumbled:

Likes received and replies are not your content, so I think they should be moved to a separate list of “Notifications” (like Messages). There could then be an unread tab along with mentions, mod edits, etc. I don’t know if every notification type is worth displaying (information overload), but at the very least “All” and “Unread” pages would be nice.

(Kane York) #9

Also note that the “Edits” is weird as shit - it only displays edits that someone else has made to your posts.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

@sam I kind of agree with the comments above. Can we nuke Edits, Likes Received, and Replies from the list for now in the name of simplification? Leave it commented out in the code and we’ll come back to it later.

(c-i-p-h-e-r-1) #11

I know that this topic hasn’t been active in a few months, but this is still an issue. I participate in a multinational forum, so it is not uncommon for me to come in to more than 10 notifications. The fact that I cannot view the older notifications is really frustrating. The Activity pages is not a sufficient method for conveying notifications because there is significantly more information there, and it takes a significant amount of effort to parse out what the “older” notifications might have been.


I think the ability to show these on a page would actually be really nice. Notifications are somewhat ephemeral, and even if we only opened up to show the notifications in blue (new?), it would be handy, because I could open various things on other tabs and still have the list there for me to click on other stuff.

OT but related: this is a problem with search, too.


What about getting rid of the “All” list? It’s confusing, especially when you see received likes there, because it’s not obvious what happened. It makes it look like the activity was you posting instead of someone liking something. The time of the activity is very confusing.

Or at minimum, not making that the default (Posts makes more sense to me).

(Sam Saffron) #14

@codinghorror and I have talked about this, we agree it makes little sense, a simple collapsed list containing topics/posts for a user would be much more useful default.

(Kane York) #15

Note that this is now fixed!

Clicking “View Older Notifications…” will take you to https://meta.discourse.org/my/notifications .

(cpradio) #16

I’m a bit slow today, but the ones with a blue highlighted background, are those the ones that are still “unread”?

(Kane York) #17

Yeah, it uses the same read/unread logic as the notifications dropdown.

Which highlights a bug with “moved post” notifications…