Viewing Sub-Categories

(Bloodshot Pico) #1

I have been wondering about the sub-category and main category feature for a little while now and have noticed that when you click on the parent category it only shows the topics within that category. But it does not show the Sub-Categories anywhere, not even telling which ones are in the Main Category, so i was hoping that there’d be a feature to were you can be able to add this.

For Example:

I have a ‘Ban’ Category as the Main Category but then I have a few Sub-Categories for instance ‘Hub Ban’, ‘Ban 1’ and ‘Ban 2’.

But I can only see the topics from the Parent/Main Category which is, ‘Ban’ and there is no way of showing it’s Sub-Categories. Other than to go to the main pager and click Categories and scrolling down to the Category to find the Sub-Categories ins small print.

I’d like this to be a feature where you click the Main/Parent Category and then the Sub-Categories are at the top and it only shows the first post in those Categories but it will also have the titles of the Categories. Then the topics/posts within the Parent Category will be place beneath, or you can turn them off with a drop down menu switching from ‘Topics’ to ‘Sub-Categories’ and ‘All’

(Régis Hanol) #2

I think you’re looking for the “show subcategory list” site setting :wink:

Show subcategory list instead of topic list when entering a category.

(Bloodshot Pico) #4

Is there no way of having both of them, as I said I think it would be a great idea to add the first post from each Sub-Category to the Main Category at the top. And then you can switch around using the drop down menu, i just think it’d be nicer looking and easier to navigate for users.

(Kane York) #5

The way it currently works without that setting, the posts from all subcategories are mixed together. Are posts only occurring in one of the subcategories with any regularity?

(Bloodshot Pico) #6

No, it’s just you have to click on the drop down menu to go to the Sub-Category you want or find it in the Category section etc. I just thought it would be a nice idea and if you’re asking if they are all the same thing then yes, for a Category I want to set up it all would be the same thing.