Viewport? - switching to mobile view on tablets with sidebar plugin

(Yyhmsg) #1

Helo, I’m fairly new to discourse - I’ve upgraded an aging drupal installation with this and am still getting used to everything.

I’ve noticed however, that particularly with the sidebar widget installed that the site does not look good on a tablet. It would be best to change the viewport from tablets down to switch to mobile instead of just phones - from what I can see.

How would I accomplish this? Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hard to say, if there is a plugin changing the layout we can’t really control that.

(Yyhmsg) #3

The plugin part is somewhat irrelevant… The real question is where you can change the settings so it will automatically switch to mobile view at a higher width that what you currently have it set?

To further discuss the plugins, however, both of the plugins (sidebar and adsense) are very helpful - as many (most?) forums need to generate revenue and have other meta data and with the footer not being as good of an option with all the infinite scrolling, etc. - so these would need to work. And they quite simply do not without a more responsive design overall or having tablets get the mobile viewport.

For the adsense plugin it will only show the “mobile” ad size when in mobile view which means that it trys to shows a large banner ad on a tablet which doesn’t work and the sidebar plugin makes everything squish together more instead of just switching to mobile which would address problem as well by dropping the bar entirely.

(Mittineague) #4

I’m not so sure about that. It seems unrealistic to expect the Core code to be made compliant with plugin code. And more logical to expect the plugin code to be made compliant with the Core code it’s working with IMHO

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Well you can override the CSS media queries for width that is true. In admin, customize, css.

(Yyhmsg) #6

Yes, in general I agree. When I said irrelevant, I simply meant that my personal reasoning for why I need to change the viewport was not necessary information. I’ll experiment with changing it in css. Thanks.