Vimeo and Youtube next to each other different sizes

(Justin Gordon) #1

I’d prefer if the youtube and vimeo embedding were the same size.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you have a look at the onebox gem to see what would need changing there?

(Jean Baptiste W) #3

Hello. How to embed un vimeo video on discourse please ?
I tryed with the link look youtube embed, and I tryed with the code… nothing.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Just paste the URL on a line by itself.

(Jean Baptiste W) #5

Thank you but no.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Seems to work here; is your Discourse out of date or misconfigured?

(Jean Baptiste W) #7

I don’t know for the misconfigured, but it’s 0.9.9

I don’t anderstant. I installed on ocean digital with the instructions.

(Jean Baptiste W) #8

Oh ! It’s Ok.
It’s http: not https:

(Rikki Tooley) #9


The two Vimeo oneboxes on this page are different widths

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Maybe the videos are recorded at different sizes?

(Rikki Tooley) #11

If that is the case then it would be preferable for the height to vary rather than the width. That is, until someone creates a horizontally scrolling theme…

(Piotr Z Marek) #12

Hello Jeff,

YouTube and Vimeo player are still in different sizes (v1.3.0.beta9 +209). YouTube is smaller and it does not look good. Can You do something about it?

I put on my Discourse a lot of movies from YouTube, it’s important for me.

Thanks for your work on Discourse!

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Yes we had a request from another site to make SoundCloud embed smaller to match YouTube. This is on @techapj’s list. Not sure if Vimeo supports size selection.

(Arpit Jalan) #15


(Arpit Jalan) #16