Visiting admin page first ignores CSS customizations

(Vlad Magdalin) #1

If I open up a fresh browser instance and go directly to, any custom CSS settings specified in the Customize tab are not loaded.

That’s not a big deal, but navigating back to the forum home page (e.g. click on the “Forums” logo in the header) or to any topics seems to keep the non-customized layout. A full page refresh is required (on a non-admin page) to get the custom CSS to kick in.

Since the Admin pages already show custom CSS if visited after starting on the home page (or other non-admin pages), it would be nice if it was applied consistently.

(Jens Maier) #2

This is by design. The admin interface loads without customisations to prevent buggy custom CSS from locking you out of your site.

It applies whenever you browse directly to the admin interface or reload an admin page; when you load a frontend page and browse to the admin interface from there, you’ll retain the customisations already loaded, because Ember replaces the page’s content with the admin controls instead of reloading the entire HTML document.