Voting of posts e.g. hottest?

(MarkP) #1

I plan to launch a deals based forum and am interested in allowing my users to vote on the hottest deals and discounts, do you have a feature that will allow this? hotukdeals is a good example

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure, the more likes on a post, the more it will be favored in the “Best of” view of the topic. Along with many other factors like # of replies, # of internal and external links to that post, cumulative on-screen read time of that post, etc.

(Kiran Patil) #3

Is your site up ?

I would like to have a look at it.

(Kiran Patil) #4

How are you planning to introduce deals based on location ?

Ex: Country, State, Pincode

(Viveka) #5

Likes are a great idea for a lightweight voting mechanism. But they don’t allow exclusive options - what if you just want users to vote for one option from a list?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Then you want a poll topic type, which implemented but discarded for now.

(Viveka) #7

Aha! discourse_poll. I’ll see if it’s reparable. Thank you.

(Sam Saffron) #8

Unlikely, too much has changed internally.

(Viveka) #9

Sadface. Any likelihood it’ll get back in scope soon?

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Poll is now in core. You can try it out on

  • create a topic title beginning with “Poll:”
  • have a markdown list in the first post, like this one

The list becomes your poll.

(jcuenod) #11

Sorry to flog a dead horse (although now that I’ve revived it, maybe I can flog it again) but I would like to see similar functionality. I completely understand the concept of trying to engender constructive conversation by having only a like button but sometimes up and down voting is a useful mechanism.

If I have a suggestions forum for my app and allow people to vote on ideas, I don’t want the one that gets lots of discussion (because of why it’s not a good idea and discussion about alternative ideas that would solve the problem) to steal attention from actual good ideas by rising above them.

I’m not saying this should be core, but I think having it as a plugin is a pretty good idea.