Vultr and Mailgun instance not sending mails / plugins

(DjCyry) #1

Hello ,
I have installed the instance on a Vultr VPS (1 gb) ,then i have setup and verified my domain on mailgun and vultr dashboard , edited app.yml and rebuild .
Now my vps not sending emails (register,lost pass ,invitations etc)
I need to do any setup ?

Also i have install one plugin (disicourse solved) and doesnt show on dashboard-plugins .

(Kane York) #2

What does /admin/emails show?

(DjCyry) #3

(DjCyry) #4

I have edited and rebuild 3 times the app.yml from postmaster@ip to noreply@domain but
still showing postmaster@ip on admin/emails .
@riking any solution ? :frowning:

Email Settings - Mailgun, Namecheap, Discourse
(cpradio) #5

Any way you can screenshot that section in your app.yml but mask the password?