Want <my forum> to have a default view like <my forum>/search



When a user goes to http://my.forum.address, I’d like the view to be the same as if they’d gone to http://my.forum.address/search. Is there a way to do that that would be better than redirection?


Single page application for docs using Discourse API
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This is the first time I have heard such a request, can you expand a bit on why? Give us a backstory


We’re looking to have the user’s first look at the forum be spare in the extreme so there’s no possibility of confusion. With the /search page, it’s really clear that the answer to “what do I do next?” is to type what you’re looking for into the search bar. Instead of “I could go here, I could type there, I could do this or that”, it’s just “Well, I guess I’m going to type what I want here.” Also we find the simple, clean look of it appealing.

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Would something like this help?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Aha I think I know what this is: more of a “search the FAQ” homepage like


And some other support / FAQ / helpdesk tools do this too.

I remember talking to @erlend_sh about this one.


Falco and codinghorror, thanks very much for your time and your thoughts, but we really like what we see when we do /search and would like to use exactly that if possible.

From our perspective the coolest thing would be if we could configure our forum to use /search instead of the normal default of /categories, and the ability to select between those two seems potentially simple to do?

I’m thinking what we’ll probably go with if that’s not doable is just have all of our links to our forum point to /search.

(Mittineague) #7

You honestly think this as a landing page is a good idea?


(Michael Downey) #8

Well, you don’t see much when you’re there. :slight_smile: What is it that you like about that page?

  1. The visible search field?
  2. The lack of content?


The short answer is “yes”. :wink:

The longer answer is yes, both of those things because it simplifies the user experience and the implied expectations. It’s basically a way of getting the features of the forum without potentially confusing people who aren’t used to them. And we (I’m speaking for multiple people) also just like the look of it.

Also, we expect that the forum will mostly be used for a single purpose, and we think that just a search bar works well for that.

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