Want to know a few things for a small token payment

Mine is a very small, local website. Which has very little activity.

Sometime back, I had switched Aws S3 buckets without shifting/thinking about the assets of old buckets to new one. Now some of my posts have assets being served from old bucket and some are even missing the images altogether (just a plain white-space is shown in the place of those images). I’ve synced both buckets to each other since then, so that both have same objects at the same paths.

2nd, I want to know why rake uploads:migrate_to_s3 command is succeeding with 2 small errors on my test website.

I can pay a small token fee of $20 for just telling me the proper commands. I know just enough to run the commands inside container and inside rails console. Aws cli is also properly configured on my server.

Edit1: Till someone replies, I’m trying to migrate all objects from S3 to DO Spaces (I’d manually copy all the S3 buckets objects into DO Spaces first, and then run the remap command). May be it might succeed in properly serving all the uploaded files from DO.

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I’m working on a Howto in changing buckets. It might have the clue you need. See Changing s3 bucket for uploads - #6 by pfaffman.


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