Watching categories is not trigering emails

(Catherine Zavala) #1

We just launched our instance of Discourse on June 1st. Although we have asked members to Watch certain topics and can confirm that they have done so, many of them are not receiving emails for new topics.

In testing:

  • we have activated the Mailing list function but this sends emails for categories they are not watching.
  • I can confirm they have the “Send emails even when I visit” option checked
  • There is some indication that if we enable Mailing list mode, get emails, and then disable mailing list mode, things start working as expected. It’s hard to test thoroughly enough without spamming our users.

Any suggestions?

What else can we do to make sure members are getting emails for new topics in categories they are watching?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do you mean “category” here? Watching a topic will only send notifications for that specific topic.

Also note, when you turn on watch state for a category, this only affects new topics created in that category, after you change the category notification state. Old topics will not be switched to “watching” at the time the category preference is changed – say there were 10,000 “dog” topics today and you set the category to watched, right. Should you then be notified for every reply to any of the 10,000 old, existing “dog” topics?

It is on our roadmap to prompt and ask at the time of category notification state change, cc @sam, whether you want to make that retroactive and tell you the explicit consequences of this choice, e.g.

Do you want to watch all 10,000 existing #dog topics, or just the newly created topics in the #dog category?

Do you want to mute all existing 10,000 #dog topics, or just newly created topics in the #dog category?

(Catherine Zavala) #3

Yes, sorry, I meant watching categories.

I do understand that Watching a category only gives me emails for New topics, but thanks for clarifying as my colleagues weren’t sure of that. :slight_smile:

So to recap:
I have members who are Watching categories (mailing mode is turned off, but “send me emails even when” is turned on and these members are not getting emails when new topics are created.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Is the notification state of these new topics set to “watching”? Can you check some? It should be, if they are new topics created after someone set “watch” on the category itself.

(Also, are you sure they are not referring to topics in subcategories?)

(Catherine Zavala) #5

No subcategories involved (yet).

I think so, but I’ll check.

I just noticed something else. The mailing list feature was on, but set to Daily summary. Does that over ride the new topic notification?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Yes, mailing list overrides all other forms of notification. Make sure you are on latest as there were some minor bugs with recent changes to mailing list mode, as well.

(Brett Bendickson) #7

We defaulted everyone to mailing list mode during user creation, and now realize that was in error. Is there a rake command to change all of those preferences? There’s another thread with a sql update, but I’m not sure that’s the most accepted way…

(Catherine Zavala) #8

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the help understanding that mailing list overrides all other forms of notification. I have a similar question about Digests.
Does the Digest setting override any other settings for email notifications?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

No, digests are completely different. Digests are only sent to people who have not been on the website for a week or more.

The key thing to remember is that mailing list mode replaces all emails.