"watching first post" mail not sent

running on 2.7.0.beta8

We have a category where users are allowed to read in by membership to a certain group. The users have "watching first post " or “watching” enabled on this category. So when we post into this category, a whole bunch of mails are sent.

Or were. End of March was the last post in this special category which went fine. The next one of April 22 resulted in a long list of skipped mails with reason “user is not allowd to see this post”.

What may be the reason for that? I’ve checked a few users, their group membership didnt’t change and the security settings for the category didn’t either. The funny thing is that our team members have gotten the mail so we first didn’t notice that others didn’t.

We have changed one thing: installed the plugin ‘auto linkify words’ and used it to change one link from the post. Our testmails on that went fine.

Any hint what coult be the problem?

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The skip reason that you are seeing is only used in one place in the Discourse code. The email will not be sent, and “user is not allowed to see this post” will be displayed as the skip reason if the user does not have permission to see the post that the email was to be sent for.

Is there a chance that the post that triggered the email was a “whisper” post? If so, that would explain why the email was sent to staff members, but not to regular users on the site.

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Hi Simon,

thank you and nice idea, but it is a new topic and whisper is not enabled.

Is it possible something with the plugin auto linkify words went wrong?
Because I logged in as one of the users which were skipped and he could see the post. He is clearly not “not allowed”.

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It is possible, but I would be surprised if that was the cause of the issue. I assume that you installed the Linkify Words theme component: Linkify words in post. If that is what you have installed, you could try removing the theme component from your site’s theme and see if that fixes the issue. If that does fix the issue, please let us know.

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Now I had the chance to do a little test.

Couldn’t test it in the original category, but in another one. Added a post without a link like others which had been sent successfully in the last days, not a problem.

Then added a post with a linified link - and this mail was sent also to my test-member.
Seems as if the link and therefore the plugin is not the problem.

So I still have no clue :frowning: Guess that means that I will have to wait until the next post in the category in question will be posted.

But thank you for the try :slight_smile:


This gets funnier and funnier.

2 new topics have been added to the named category. Each of them used a linkified word (Linkify words in posts).

The mails for the second new topic got all flawlessly sent out. Guess what happened to the first?

Yes it was skipped - User has no right to see this post.

Still clueless. Will I have to setup a testing environment? (I really cannot test in this particular category.)