Way to automatically show links in flagged topic discussions?

(David Maxwell) #1

Is there a way to automatically show the linked posts in just the flagged notifications? I know the linked posts were hidden intentionally, but we deal with a relatively high volume of flagged posts, and having to constantly click the down arrow to get to see the original post is aggravating at best.

So instead of seeing this

We see this

One-boxes no longer link to original topic in subfolder installs
(cpradio) #2

Or to bring back the right arrow on the onebox that let you go to the post immediately (or maybe I’m dreaming that used to be a thing).

As right now we only see

I could have sworn there used to be a > that when clicked took you to the post in question, but I can’t find any setup that way anymore :frowning:

(Ralph Mason) #3

It’s rather bewildering to see a report of a post and have no visible way to go and view that post. After all, the whole topic is about the post in question, so it makes sense to have a prominent link to that post.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, the link is the topic title, the part you blacked out there on the left of the arrow. Or it should be, anyway.

(cpradio) #5

It isn’t. That is indeed true for topics or the first post, but many of our flags are the 2nd or last post on a topic. And in those oneboxes there is no title, just the user avatar and username.

One-boxes no longer link to original topic in subfolder installs