Way to See Category but not the topics

Is there a way to allow a particular user group to SEE all categories but NOT see any topics (ie content) So Currently the settings allow SEE but that allows them to see the contents.

No, there is no such setting, what is your use case? Why are you trying to do this?

Ok so Have two levels of students. Once is at a higher level and they have access to a higher level.
My students aspire to get to a higher level.
Seeing that there is a higher level available offers incentive to the student. But if if they see the contents then there is nothing to aim for.

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This has been discussed elsewhere - these may help


Exactly my motivation for wanting this feature… it’s considered a ‘hostile’ feature by developers.

My belief is if the features encourage and stimulate additional activity on the forum, this is conductive to the building of an online community. It’s the ultimate goal of a forum.

Providing incentive is already possible with less risk of alienation. eg.

lower-level-group - read only permissions
higher-level-group - full permissions

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If they can read the content then they still have access to it.

Some content is more valuable than the regular content, but no one is going to be motivated to have access to it if they don’t even know it exists.

Yes I saw that. I am not sure what they mean by ‘hostile’ Its just a progressive ladder, an inspiration for working harder and getting greater access to more content.

All in all I love how it all works so I guess we have to live with it.

I think you may be overemphasising the point that was made, which was that dangling content areas in front of users, only to put a registration wall after they click, is ‘hostile’ because it adds barriers to interaction.

Discourse can be used for many things, but at its core it is a community forum that is built to encourage participation and exchange. If you want to use it for sharing learning materials or internal documentation, that is wonderful, but your needs for controlling access, channeling users and modifying security permissions to the level of specific conversations, can conflict with the idea of creating a space for like-minded people to have an open and constructive exchange.

There are plenty of ways to let people know about content areas without needing to micro-manage security.

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Let me try and explain.
I have two products that are inter-related.
If you purchase my software you have access to; (A) Trader training in full + PAT software.
If you purchase only Training (B) you have access to Training.

If you have access to training only you should not have access to the category where PAT software is shown and trained with.
This is not dangling a carrot this is two different areas with different criteria.
So there is a space created for each group that has no bleed over which could cause confusion.
Now… if the training group learning the method only never get to know of another category where everything they have learned is now coupled with the software they have no inspiration to reach that.

HOWEVER… your reply lays out some facts that I had not considered. I get it. I am not using a product that is designed for what I want to do.

This does not fully blend in with my company to elevate users to higher learning. In short, Discourse is not really the best option for a commercial operation with my particular set up. If you as developers start going down the route of turning discourse into a marketeers platform you run the risk of undermining your core principles.

I actually came to Discourse to get away from the ‘marketeer’ environment, giving up a ten-year forum with invisionzone as I saw Discourse as the future. I still see it that way. I am going to hang around. Long term I see it as all good. :slight_smile: