Web Pages mixsup

Hi guys,
I tried to install a theme (link) with some changes I did. In the theme-creator mode it works perfectly but when I install it on my real instance I have some problems. For some reason, the homepage points to the category page while the latest page points to the homepage. I thought maybe I mixed the configurations (which page points where) but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe it is a problem in the settings.yml:

  default: 'myWeb'
  default: 'http://myWeb.com/'
  default: ''
  default: ''
  type: list
  default: ''
  type: list
  default: ''
  type: string
  default: '/new-topic'
  description: "Enter full url for the Daily Check-in link on Homepage."
  type: string
  default: 'create new post'
  description: "Enter text for the Daily Check-in button on Homepage."
  type: string
  default: '/c/7-category'
  description: "Enter full url for Introduce Yourself link on Homepage."

Although I tried to change it but without any success. What could be the issue?

EDIT: I found out that the document.body.className is:

  • When I enter the main page (which leads me to the categories): staff navigation-categories categories-list myWeb
  • When I enter the latest or top page (which leads me to the main page): staff navigation-topics myWeb.

Maybe this could give us a hint where the problem comes from?