Webmaster tool reports a minor SEO issue with H2 vs H1

(RedBlue) #1

Apologies, not really a bug as such, but feedback.

I’ve been testing a discourse forum with Bing and Google’s webmaster tools prior to go live, and Bing reports the following:

The <h1> tag is missing.

For all pages, seems the h2 tag for most pages should be h1? (at least, looking at the source html that is served for the bots).

Also, I noticed that you see:

<p>Powered by <a href="http://www.discourse.org">Discourse</a>, best viewed with JavaScript enabled</p>

On every page, not sure what I think of this link being added:)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I don’t think Bing webmaster tools are credible in regards to the complaint about <h1>. Bing spiders a tiny fraction of the web that Google does, and at Stack Exchange Bing was 0.9% of all incoming traffic in 2011.


Whereas Google was 88.2% of all incoming traffic. :open_mouth:

So I am fine with recommendations from Google webmaster tools, I take those very very seriously, but I would take Bing webmaster tool recommendations with an entire salt mine full of salt.

(RedBlue) #3

Thanks for the reply. Actually, your incoming results for Bing are higher than ours:)

Like others we use Bing webmaster tools for testing as the tools do give good results for highlighting various issues (like this one). The fact remains there is no h1 tag in the page, only h2. Now, as to the importance of h1 over h2, well that’s not for me to say:) Although most people would say it should be h1.

Also, can you explain why you have:

<p>Powered by <a href="http://www.discourse.org">Discourse</a>, best viewed with JavaScript enabled</p>

on every page that is fed to the bots? It’s, all, well, seo blackhatish, given that the end user never sees this text/link. It also means that every post on every Discourse forum links back to discourse.org

(Benjamin Kampmann) #4

which it should :stuck_out_tongue:

(no affiliated with discourse.org . Just a grateful community member and contributor)

(RedBlue) #5

And why should it?:slight_smile: Only the bots see this (or something similar when js is turned off for users), so basically you have a situation where the bots see something, but the users don’t.

(Neil Lalonde) #6

I’ll put it in the <footer> tag. Then crawlers shouldn’t give it much weight. EDIT: done.

(Jeff Atwood) #7