Webmin in use with discourse? Questions


Can I use webmin in conjunction with discourse? How do most users manage discourse, via cmI?

Is there a cms?

Can the frontpage layout be changed?

  1. If there is a webmin plugin for discourse, it isn’t widely used.
  2. Correct to a degree. Administrators overall do handle things through the command line. A large portion of the maintenance can be done through the admin page provided within the discourse system.
  3. There is no ‘built in’ CMS system.
    a. There are a few other CMSes (Drupal and Wordpress for example), that can be used in conjunction with Discourse.
  4. The front page can be changed to a degree
    a. You can change what is shown on the front page (between things like new, latest, the categories, etc).
    b. You can add some elements through the admin page (through the HTML/JS/CSS editor(s))
    c. Plugins can also edit the template and add or remove content quite easily