Weekly digest sent 12 days after last visit

(Dave McClure) #1

A user on our forum forwarded me the digest he received today (February 22nd):

It says “A brief summary since your last visit on February 10”

His preference is set to receive weekly digests.

Any idea why it’d take 12 days to send that digest?

Is there some other logic in play here that I don’t understand or is this a bug?

More granular mailing list mode
(Dean Taylor) #2

I remember something about the digest not being sent unless there was “some activity”…

…was there actually any digest worthy activity during the entire period since last visit?

(Dave McClure) #3

Just looking at the activity column on the /latest page, I see:

  • 11 topics with activity on days 11-5 days ago
    (this should cover the first week since his last visit)
  • 13 topics with activity on days 4-0 days ago

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It could be that we only check this once a week and anyone who has hit the threshold in that week would get email sent.