Weird loading on Latest Topics

Since a few days ago, my community Kodular Community no longer loads properly topics

I mean, each time you click on a topic from the Latest Topic List it is loaded by using the normal loading method from browser, instead of using Discourse loading page

Any idea what can be causing it?

Can’t repro on meta.

I can repro on your site even with safe mode: Kodular Community

The only thing I noticed is a CSP related error in the JS console. Not sure it would be related.

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I was suspecting on that too, but I don’t know why it happens :confused:
It’s using latest version

Did you read what I linked Mitigate XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy ?

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Yeah, and I’ve disabled it
But the problem is still there (however the CSP error no longer appears)

I have some news regarding this

It only loads topics in a weird way when clicking exactly on their title
However, if I click on the blank space between the title and the topic above it loads properly