Weird 'login required' behavior with Firefox

(Kevin P. Fleming) #1

I’m using Firefox on Mac OSX. At the end of the work day I log out of OSX, so Firefox and all of my other apps get closed.

When I log in again, Firefox opens automatically, and restores my previous tabs. This includes a tab for In that tab I see my normal view, including my avatar in the top-right corner, but the content isn’t from the cache as far as I can tell, it’s obtained from the site.

Later (at least a few minutes), if I click refresh, the page that is displayed tells me that it’s not visible unless I log in. I log in again, and the normal Discourse home page appears, with pretty much the same content it had before (but updated of course, since it’s newer).

(Sam Saffron) #2

Are there any browser plugins involved here? We definitely do not serve private info via the json api or web api if the cookie is missing / unvalidated.

Does this also happen in Chrome?

(Kevin P. Fleming) #3

I don’t use Chrome (don’t even have it installed), so I don’t have an easy way to answer that.

In Firefox, I do have “tracking protection” enabled, and Ghostery installed, so it’s possible they are somehow involved. I wouldn’t be at all upset if I had to log in to Discourse when accessing it for the first time; what concerns me is that it appears I am already logged in when the browser opens the tab, but clearly I’m not.

When I log in tomorrow I’ll try to access content in the Discourse site immediately after the tab opens, to see if there’s a timing factor involved.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #4

This behavior seems to have disappeared, so I have no clue what was causing it.