Weird option in the emails section

Could someone help me understand why there is a 20160 option? What does it mean?


That’s odd… could be plugin/theme related. Does it appear if you visit the site in safe-mode?

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It happens on another community, which I am not admin. Tried here and that option doesn’t appear.

You can still try safe-mode as a normal user. Normally this is supposed to show a time period… it’s possible an admin on that site changed some text? Something’s awry on their end since we can’t reproduce it here. Do other options appear normally under the dropdown like this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.08.13 PM

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Yes, once I press the drop down menu, everything appears as normal. Also happens on safe mode, just tried.

I’ve noticed these as well, as admin, when I look at a new user (2.7.0.beta1 in safe mode):


Once you enable. When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies a random option appears. The question is why 20160 as an option…

@omarfilip - can you go to site settings and search in customise text: “4320”? That’s what I do, when I want to track a bug.

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4320 does not show up in a text search in the customizer.


BTW, I could not reproduce the issue on my test instance, only on production where it occurs both normally and in safe mode.

The plugin differences are these:

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I have noticed the same issue. It seems like a bug with 2.7.0.beta1.


It is definitely a bug. I’m experiencing the problem myself.

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Can you replicate it on

Activity summary is disabled on try.

A couple of additional data points:

  • It’s is not browser dependent - happens in Chrome and Safari.
  • Shows the same when viewing user’s preferences as admin and when impersonating the user.

The numeric value is measured in minutes, so 4320 would be… three days. That’s odd.

20160 is 14 days, which should show up as every two weeks.

Oh, 2 weeks was removed:


This bug still exists in 2.7.0.beta4.