Welcome letter doesn't come anymore, where should I enable it?

(Jiamin Zhu) #1

I changed some build-in template of the welcome letter (the user get when newly registered) but later on I found that new user no longer get any welcome letter. Is it because of the template gets modified? Could you help me to get the welcome letter back?

(Dean Taylor) #2

You might have just switched the option off - check settings for the send welcome message option:

Otherwise check the /logs page for any errors.

(Jiamin Zhu) #3

I actually turned it on but still there is no welcome message. There was
but after I change some template text, they is just no more. Anyway to
track the problem down?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Is there anything in /logs that looks related, when you visit that URL in your web browser while logged in as admin?

(Jiamin Zhu) #5

ah. I checked the log but didn’t see anything related…
Not 100% sure though…