Welcome message for new users is not displaying


The new user welcome message on my discourse has been replaced this:

Can’t work what’s happened or if I’ve changed something (or where I even edit this message). Any help would be great.

(Stefano Costa) #2

As an emergency measure, you can go to /admin/customize/site_texts and edit the corresponding message.


Thanks. Just seen that the welcome message hasn’t actually been deleted as it’s still there and editable:

The problem is it just won’t display.

(Stefano Costa) #4

The message id is different though, system_messages.welcome_user.text_body_template vs system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template.


Thanks - my bad.

Found the correct message, which doesn’t look as though it’s been altered from the default:

I replaced the text with with just “this is a test” and created a new account, and received the “this is a test” welcome message. All good.

But when I pasted back in the default message, I get the translation missing error again when creating a new account.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong?