Welcome message not sent

I have a reasonably up-to-date install. A user just created a new account with a Facebook login. The account got created, but no Welcome email got sent. I checked sent mail logs and it’s not listed there (so it’s not stuck in spam).

Is there some reason that a welcome message wouldn’t go out?

There is no concept of a welcome email. There is (depending on site settings) the discobot automated greeting PM but it is subject to the same rules for notifications as far as whether an email is sent.

Ah. So discobot doesn’t send the email if they log in immediately. Same as any other notification. (maybe before discobot there was a welcome email?)

There is a Welcome to SITENAME email which goes out to activate accounts and thereby verify email addresses, that’s the only one I recall. If the account is created by SSO and the email already verified on the remote system users wouldn’t see anything AFAIK.

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No, there was only ever a welcome PM.