Welcome Topic Can't be Pinned

(mrosas) #1

Hi –

My Welcome Topic is unpinned and I don’t have any options to pin it in the admin dropdown.

Searching for similar problems here but not finding this exact problem. Pointers so very welcome …

Thanks, Margaret

(Jens Maier) #2

Judging by the little envelope icon in your screenshot, isn’t that a private message?

PMs can’t be pinned since they don’t appear anywhere in the regular topic lists…

(mrosas) #3

hmm … so I get to this page by clicking the Welcome to Discourse from my “READ ME FIRST: Admin Quick Start Guide” shown here:

One of the default topics is Welcome to Discourse. This topic is pinned globally, so it will appear on the homepage, right at the top of the topic list, for all new users. Try viewing your site with incognito, inprivate, or anonymous mode enabled in your browser to see it how new users will.

It calls it a topic – and I read references to other questions about pinned welcome topics. But you are correct, it’s behaving like a message.

It sounds like the Welcome Topic is also used as the content to generate the Welcome PM. But in our setup our Welcome Topic is a PM for some reason …

I imagine that we (as in we with too many community cooks in the kitchen …) may have gotten us into this state. Do I just leave it alone and create a new welcome topic?

Thanks a ton.

(Jens Maier) #4

Can you post the full URL for the alleged Welcome topic?

The URL https://discourse.looker.com/t/welcome-to-discourse redirects me to the forum’s default page (the categories list), likely because you deleted the default meta category along with the default welcome topic…

(mrosas) #5

That is the full URL https://discourse.looker.com/t/welcome-to-discourse. And it only seems to work when logged in as an admin.

Yes – I suspected that was not a good idea to delete the meta category. We were over aggressive with pruning things back (in an effort to simplify).

I quickly tried recreating a meta category … but that didn’t have any impact. My guess is there’s more to it than that …

(Jens Maier) #6

Oh, I see what’s going on… try this: https://discourse.looker.com/t/welcome-to-discourse/6

(You can also try other numbers in place of the 6. Quite a few things have changed since I’ve created my Discourse instance, so the default welcome topic may have a different ID number in your instance.)

Basically, there’s a private message and a topic with the same title in the database. Since you’ve deleted the topic, you get redirected to the PM (because it’s yours and you’re allowed to read it) and everyone else gets redirected to the categories page.

Anyway… the welcome topic is in no way magical. Simply create a new topic, pin it globally and you’re done. The admin quickstart guide really is just a guide to get you started and your forum will work just as well without the default “Welcome to Discourse” topic. :slight_smile:

(mrosas) #7

Gotcha. I found it at https://discourse.looker.com/t/welcome-to-discourse/8

I’m clear now that the Welcome Topic and the Welcome PM are different things. All is clear and I’m off to draft a Welcome Topic!

Thanks so much for stepping me through it.