What about Enterprise plan?

Hello !

I was wondering…
Nowadays I’m dealing with the “Business” free trial of Discourse.

But I find my self stuck with a thought : if my database run out about available space, or every other issues that forced me to go with an “Enterprise” plan, what will it costs? Will I be able to handle the tarification?

My point is just that I’m hesitating to go with Discourse. And the fact that I have 0 informations about what my company will has to pay is disturbing.

Can you enlighten me on that topic ?

Thank you !

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I’ve helped a few people move from Discourse hosted plans to self hosted. While I always recommend their hosting, if price is a primary concern there are other options. You are never locked in to their services, so you do not need to worry that they’ll gouge you on the other end. Their goal is to see that every discourse user is happy, regardless of where they are hosted.


That was exactly what I wanted to ear ! Amazing !
Thank you @pfaffman ! :smile:

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If you’re hitting the caps on the Business plan and only need additional pageviews or storage we can work with you on intermediary subscription increases that don’t require jumping to an Enterprise plan (feel free to email us if you need to work through some specific examples).

Our tiers are starting points that we’ve found work for most customers, but aren’t entirely set in stone. Enterprise is more ambiguous because we expect the possibility of custom contracts/legal agreements, custom plugins, etc… so pricing can vary a lot at that level based on specific requirements.

As Jay mentioned we’re completely fine if you ever want to cancel your subscription with us and move to self-hosting, if we wanted to lock everyone in to our hosting we wouldn’t be making the software free to use in the first place!