What am I doing wrong with Search?

My Discourse search on my forum is returning no results for this search string:

but when I click “try searching with Google instead” it finds the post I’m looking for

and the post definitely exists and contains all the keywords I’m search for:

I’ve had a look at the search settings, and I can’t see anything that says “Ignore posts older than a year”

Surely the “SEARCH QUARY LOG MAX RETENTION DAYS” is about how long log files are kept for, not which posts are indexed.

What do I need to do to make my discourse search search all the posts in the way I expect?

what is you Search Priority set to on your support category ?


upgrade your discourse

edit: you might want to add this plugin as well

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Thanks! That did the trick! (After quite a lot of interminable “freeing up disk space by deleting old containers to let the upgrade run”)

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All you need to run is ./launcher cleanup