What do you see the implementation of the following functional?

(Evgeny) #1

1. There is a discussion that implies accurate enough answers. These answers have already been represented at website, let’s say in another branch. How can an administration make an insert with a text immediately after the first post? In this box, the administration can write an arbitrary text, where could be indicated a link to the already prepared answers. I understand that the administration can publish a response with these links at any time or even close the discussion. But it is a kind of unobtrusive recommendation, as a separate independent block, a more correct solution.

2. What could be, to your mind, the system of recommendations at the website? The number of tags coulb be huge, as well as the number of categories. How dcan I recommend categories, tags to users and that invite them to subscribtion?

I really like Discourse, but I’m looking for the possibility of working with a big amount of users by means of this engine

(Robby O'Connor) #2

Discourse already does this as you compose the post. It shows suggested topics that might be related to whatever you’re posting about.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Only for new topics. For replies we do warn if you are posting a URL that has already been posted in the discussion earlier.